Vanillacraft Staff & Rank Structure

Vanillacraft Staff & Rank Structure

Postby Ryan00793 » Wed May 22, 2013 7:49 pm

Executive Administrator - [Exec]
He is the end all be all of rules, server maintenance and upkeep. His word is law on the server and the other moderators are under him.

Rank Holder(s): ryan00793

Administrative Moderator - [A-Mod]
Our resident A-Mod handles the day to day activities of the server. He is above the other moderators as well and his advice/council is looked upon highly.

Rank Holder(s): Epsilon29

Moderator - [Mod]
These are the guys/girls the players interact with on a near-daily basis. They are tasked with making sure the rules of the server are being followed as well as moderating the forums. They are also regular players who contribute to building projects and running events.

Rank Holder(s): TheVikingShip, Gorbanth, ragepeanut, cubsfan

Trial Moderators - [T-Mod]
On the same "level" as regular Moderators these are the newest staff members. It is during their time as T-Mods that they learn the ropes of moderating and are trained. It is assumed that the T also means "Temporary" however since all moderators on VC are volunteers, they are all "temporary" in a sense.

Rank Holder(s): None
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