Vanillacraft Forum Rules

Vanillacraft Forum Rules

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Vanillacraft Forum Rules
Originally written by Davehz

Do not make derogatory comments regarding race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other groups.
Such comments have no constructive purpose but rather serve only to offend other players.

No hacking the forums.
Hacking involves using a 3rd Party program, in order to constantly spam our forums, steal someone's information, or wipe our forums.

No creating multiple forum accounts or ban evading.
If you're banned, you're not allowed back, or until your ban expires if it was a temporary ban. You were banned for a reason and to keep you away from our forums for a period of time, so not even under a different account can you come back.

No impersonating or pretending to be staff.
Don't do anything that would cause someone to believe you are a staff member if you are not one.

Respect the decisions of server staff.
Players will not always agree with the decisions of moderators, and voicing your disagreement is fine, but at some point a moderator may tell the player to drop the issue, and at that point do not insult the moderator or continue to argue. This rule is especially important when handling ban appeals and such, keep this in mind.

No advertising other Minecraft Servers.
We are Vanillacraft, no advertising any other Minecraft Server is allowed on the Forums, our Teamspeak server or ingame. If you want to show your friends your own server or such, do it outside of Vanillacraft.

No posting pornography or links to pornography.
There are children on the Internet too, and children who play this game, pornography is for adult viewing and adult viewing alone, children in NO way, shape, or form should be exposed to it on our forum.

No spamming.
Do not post if you do not add anything to the conversation or topic. This also includes double or tripple posting, use the edit button, it is there for a reason. Posts that are one liners or such are not permitted outside of the "Off Topic Forum". Quoting somebody and not typing anything or quoting a large picture or wall of text is frowned upon too. Bottom line is: If common sense tells you it's spam, it probably is.

No posting referral links.
Referral links are links that direct to sites where as you fill out a survey, register, refer someone or do something other of the sort in order to earn money, popularity, anything...

Post in the right section.
If you have a question, post it in the Questions forum, Forum games goes in it's own section.

Do not post in Pending Ban Appeals unless you are directly involved in the ban/case.
This means do not post on others ban appeals unless you have permission from a moderator. If you would like to post on an appeal you must first PM the mod that is handling the appeal asking for permission to post on it.

Look before you post.
Take an extra minute and look if someone already made a thread about the same thing as you are going to. Use the search function, it is there for a reason.

Do not use vulgar language excessively.
Vanillacraft tries to maintain a friendly environment for players of all ages and sensibilities, and vulgar language undercuts this goal. What constitutes vulgar language is impossible to strictly define; use your own judgment based not on what YOU think is acceptable, but on your understanding of how vulgar language is typically defined in public spaces (e.g. schools, workplaces). Remember that unlike ingame, you can take your time to think through and edit posts on the forum.

Do not post about sensitive or offensive material.
If it is not socially acceptable or is a debated topic then do not post about it. The forums are not a place for flame wars.

Do not make threads whose only purpose is to artificially inflate post count.
Examples of these threads are, but not limited to, counting to post number X, rewarding post number X, etc...
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