AnonymousV's Ban Appeal

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AnonymousV's Ban Appeal

Postby AnonymousV » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:41 am

[AnonymousV]'s Ban appeal

In Game Name:

Moderator Who Banned You:

Reason Why That Moderator Banned You:
[Spamming Chat or swearing or abusing caps]

Why We Should Read Your Appeal:
[I believe I was banned unfairly and without reason. While I know that I need to watch my mouth a little more, I usually try to be good about not swearing in chat. I was banned for saying "pussy" in response to Image . He called noobi a "pussy" and a "faggot" and in a verbal retaliation from my end, I said that not I nor Noobi were being "Pussies" and saying that banned me. I know I got warning earlier for saying cheesepuffkitten because it was too long, and also 1 or 2 few caps moments in regional, but I was trying to keep those to a low and I didn't know "pussy" would get me banned.*edit* What happened regarding the bans of noobiman and Gogyst I am not and do not want to be involved with. Please do not factor those into this appeal *close edit* *Open edit 2* "One thing that I forgot to add was that Anonymous wasn't just banned for repeating me. He said words like "gay" numerous times before, some aimed at poor unboxermail as well." 1st, Wolves asked me to see if Unboxer was avaliable as a joke, and I wasn't trying to insult anyone. As for where Gogy said I was calling players gay, I was just inviting them to touch meats with me, cheese, and friends. It was a friendly gesture, not calling them gay *Close edit 2* *Edit 3* as for the GG thing, I said that becuase he said in chat after I was banned that he was trying to get me to say something which would get me banned. AKA he was provoking me(Source Noobiman)*Close edit 3*]

[All of the info above, plus I will try to be more careful now that I understand more of the greifprotect's restrictions etc. can't say long names, words that might be swear, caps words in any chats, and... yah. Won't happen again.]

"Peyton is a peyton name" -Cheesepuffkitten "Keep" -AnonymousV "87 and 8" -Ruary2
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Re: AnonymousV's Ban Appeal

Postby Epsilon » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:14 pm

This ban appeal has come for me to deal with. You have posted a lot of irrelevant information to your situation. It matters very little why you said the things that triggered the spam alerts. The point is you continued to break a rule even when the system prompted you to stop that behavior. According to the logs this is an addition of your MULTIPLE infractions in a small period of time.

I have determined because of this that you will remain banned for the original ban time.
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