Border Mining

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Border Mining

Postby ViralVendetta » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:11 am

So whilst out on a mining excursion I ran across some diamonds at the border. Naturally they are unable to be broken, as they return just like with any grief protected blocks, or blocks in any other area where building is turned off.

As any good natured VC member would do, I got curious as to whether there was a way to actually retrieve them. I remembered Arcation getting ahold of some packed ice from the protected ice spike biome early on, and assumed that sticky pistons were used. I wasn't sure that stickies could be used on the border but I thought I would give it a try.

As a result, I found out that not only could I pull the border blocks back into the playable area, I could also go another block deeper.

I'm reporting in case this is a glitch, or if its some implied or unspecific rule that we're not supposed to be doing it. I'd hate to go off on a greedy border mining rampage and find out it was a taboo thing to do.
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Re: Border Mining

Postby gogyst » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:26 am

Oh no, when MLK got that packed ice it was from a little unprotected source outside the zone Ryan has created. Now all packed ice is protected so that's not possible anymore.

The glitch you have specified is completely different. I don't think that it is important to get it fixed, but it would be cool if Ryan did.
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Re: Border Mining

Postby MadDogT994 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:41 pm

I'm more curious how something like this can be fixed. After thinking about it, it's not a glitch in the code so much as the mechanical (in-game) action of the piston overriding the border plugin coding that prevents players from breaking/building blocks outside the area. Since it's a game property interacting with another game property, the plugin doesn't account for it. Chances are this has been possible since sticky pistons came out and either nobody has tried it before or it went unreported.

Since the number of diamonds around the borders is probably negligible, I would imagine it's a small problem and not worth looking into fully. If it means a few people get an extra few diamonds out of their mining trips, I don't see it as particularly game breaking.
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