Heard Rumors.

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Heard Rumors.

Postby NavyGirl111 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:20 am

Hey guys this is NavyGirl101. I used to play a long time ago (about two years really). Life took over as fate would have it things weren't all that good for a while. Anyways I have been talking with some old players as I have come back to gaming and minecraft and I heard that the server was being taken down? I just wanted to confirm this as I am only able to find so much information on the forum with all of the topics that have been posted. If the rumors are true and the server is being taken down I just want to share that I had an amazing time on this awesome server. Everyone was very helpful and it was always fun watching the battles between the red and blue factions. There were so many awesome relationships built throughout the server it is unfortunate that some relationships may be ending if the server were to end. Anyways I just wanted to check in and say hey and to share that Vanillacraft had to be one of the best servers I've ever played on.
Good game everyone,
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Re: Heard Rumors.

Postby bos34ton » Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:06 pm

Unfortunately, the server has been down for awhile.
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Re: Heard Rumors.

Postby MrPalmer » Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:04 pm

Hello Navygirl!

As bos34ton said, the server has been down for quite a while, since January 2015 or about eighteen months ago. It was one of the longest lived Minecraft servers to be run continuously and has a long and storied history throughout the five or so years it was online. It's good to hear that you remember it fondly! The many communities and player groups that inhabited the server over its lifespan, a dedicated administration, and a unique philosophy of play made Vanillacraft a special place to me and to many others.

Even now I find it incredible that nearly two years after the last player left the server, many people still check these forums daily, just to remember the amazing community that existed, once upon a time.
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