GavinChitwood, old user

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GavinChitwood, old user

Postby Sinafay » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:24 am

Hey guys I couldn't register a new account but figured out my old information. My old username was GavinChitwood. I was on this server a very long time ago, when multiplayer first came out on Minecraft and Upmax made videos about our server! I remember the server fondly even though I was a kid and got banned once or twice for duping... lol. I remember my favorite place on the server was where I had a big brick house, Pyramid Town! Also BearClan was great :) I just wanted to pop on and see how everyone was doing and what y'all are up to nowadays? I'm trying to start as a Plumber's Helper soon to become an apprentice and an actual plumber. I think I played on VC when I was 12 or 13? I'm 21 now.

Anyway, I wanted to know if you guys still played minecraft because a few friends of mine and I wanted to start a little vanilla server to play on, but if you guys have one I'd rather join there
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Re: GavinChitwood, old user

Postby MrPalmer » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:57 am

Gavin! We had a store together in Spawntown in V3! Ring a bell? Hey buddy! We're not currently on a server, but there's one starting up sometime this year:

It's good to hear from ya! I had some good memories from back then with you.
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