Here reads the events and trials of King Qustom

Here reads the events and trials of King Qustom

Postby Ryan00793 » Wed May 22, 2013 9:20 am

This week passed much like the previous one with little to do since my return but catch and prosecute the unsuccessful criminals that have plagued my Kingdom. Looking back on the dull week I am reminded of a time when things were somewhat more exciting. The attempted overthrow of my throne by those I considered to be friends, allies and advisors threw the Kingdom into shock and myself into exile for a time. Fortunately, they
were unsuccessful and I have resumed by throne and have begun rebuilding.

During the exile from my lands however I learned of a strange and powerful phenomenon, something known to me as the "Herobrine Effect". I met a strange man, a wizard really, who called himself Void. He told me that using a strange black rock that seemed to hum with energy he could create a portal to another world. I asked him to implement the strange technology immediately. Regrettably, it was still difficult to control and I ended up causing significant damage to my fellow countryman Putch and his hotel. I vowed then to never again unleash that nightmare upon my people without significant assurance of another tragedy not happening.

Thus the reason for this journal entry. I recently received a message from that wonderful wizard Void that the portal technology was nearly complete. I could not hold back my excitement and immediately commissioned the creation of a great portal in secret. If my people were to know about the kind of hell I could potentially unleash upon them, I
would be dethroned without quarter.
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