The events and trials of King Qustom - part 2

The events and trials of King Qustom - part 2

Postby Ryan00793 » Wed May 22, 2013 9:21 am

Today, I ventured to the secret chamber where the portal was being constructed. My wizard friend Void met me at the gates and explained that this portal was unlike any he had ever seen. Something about it's location to the large tower above it made the black stone resonate on a frequency he was not aware existed. Even deactivated, the strange
hum was audible over the chatter of the workers I had commissioned, on pain of death, to build the device.

I was in luck as well, Void informed me that the portal was nearing completion and could be tested that day. I was nervous and excited at the same time. My life, which had become a dull monotony of catching paltry criminals and throwing them out of my lands was becoming trivial at best. This new land to explore and conquer presented new

The final blocks of black rock were put into place, Void calling to me from the balustrade where he directed the workers. He came down to the ground level, standing next to me while pulling out a strange device. It was small, crescent like and glowed slightly as if the sun itself were held within. Using that device, Void tapped the black rock. Instantly fire spewed from it like dragon's breath and the portal lit up with the purple haze. The noise, oh that noise was deafening and frightening.

With the news came shadows from the haze. These shadows became sword wielding pigs, snarling and gnashing their teeth at us. My calls to halt went unheeded. My sword was suddenly in my hand as instinct took hold and the pig creature across from me raised it's own. My men fought vigorously for hours against these monsters, Void
casting spells and using the strange device to light them on fire. It was a bloody battle. I lost many good men and mourn them every day. Despite this great sacrifice, we managed to win out against the creatures.

After the battle, feeling fatigue and the deep loss of my men, Void told me that the creatures of this world seemed significantly more aggressive than those of the worlds he had tapped into before. I barely heard him as I hobbled with my guards to a bed. As my eyes drooped closed I could still see the purple haze behind my eyelids. It was
apparent now, this new world was a part of me and I to it. I could not stop, I had to move on. Tomorrow, I enter where Day is Night.
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