The events and trials of King Qustom - part 3

The events and trials of King Qustom - part 3

Postby Ryan00793 » Wed May 22, 2013 9:23 am

Before entering the portal Void and I held council. He told me that he believed there was another portal that had been created in conjunction with the one in our world. He believed that if that portal could be destroyed, ours would remain intact. I volunteered to lead the demolition party and no words could convince me otherwise. I had to view
the world for myself. Void handed me small shards of the black rock around the portal. He told me they were made from the same rock as the portal in our world and could be used to bring me home when the otherworld portal was destroyed. At least, he told me, he believed they would.

I stand in front of the portal now, my knights at my back. Today is a day of history, a day for Vanillians everywhere to rejoice for their king. Today, we enter a new world.
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