The events and trials of King Qustom - part 4

The events and trials of King Qustom - part 4

Postby Ryan00793 » Wed May 22, 2013 9:24 am

Having returned from the successful demolition of the otherworld portal, I write these experiences of my time in another world.

My knights and I enter the portal which is both cool and hot to the touch. It is a calming feeling, surrounded by the purple haze, what being a babe in the womb must feel like. Then, after a few seconds, pain. Such pain, words do not exist to describe it. That pain will always be with me. Even now, days after the event I can feel it deep within my
bones. Waking up not in the portal chamber but in the bright sun was astonishing. I had expected, well, I don't know what I had expected, but the bright green meadows and rolling hills were certainly not it.

Slowly regaining my senses, I noticed that I was completely alone. My knights were nowhere to be found. Looking back though, I found a portal that was a mirror to the one in my land. While studying the portal, my wizard friend Void comes through as promised and has thrown my equipment through. My bag contains a few pieces of food, my
trusty sword and a mining pick from the master builder. I began to deconstruct the other portal, using my mining pick and keeping an eye behind me, my hands never far from the hilt of my sword. Just as I finished removing the final pieces of the strange black rock, night began to fall.

My mission complete, I released the shards of black rock Void had given me and waited what I presumed would be a similar pain as before. Closing my eyes in anticipation, I awaited the horrible wrenching of my gut and the apparent memory loss. When no pain overtook my body and the bright purple haze did not feel my eyelids, I opened them.

I was still on this strange land, away from my Kingdom and my support. I was truly in a lost world. Being a seasoned warrior and having fought countless battles I set out to find shelter for the inevitable night. I found a shallow cave, explored enough inside to be assured I was alone and not inhabiting the home of a large predatory animal or the den
of one of those pig creatures.

Resting against a wall, I eventually fell asleep, sword in my hands. It was restless sleep, waking at dawn feeling achy and numb. What food I had brought had been eaten while deconstructing the portal. My hunger convinced me to leave the relative safety of the cave in search of food.

Taking stock of the lands around me, I noted a number of distinctive landmarks. A strange floating island was not far distant from my location, a large thin mountain was behind me. Using the moss that grew on the rocks and trees around me I figured out my cardinal directions. From there, I determined there was a pasture nearby that a few
docile pigs were munching on. While not being a hunter by profession, I managed to trap and kill one. There was nothing to cook the meat with so I had to eat it raw. This recovered my strength slightly and made my head feel a little clearer.

Venturing further from the cave that had become my base of operations a little more each day I happened upon one of my knights, close to death and holding a wound with his right hand. Upon seeing me, he used the last of his strength to sprint to my side and give me a message. His words stung me like a million wasps. "They're coming, the
monsters, there are more of them and more worlds out there. They are coming," was all he managed to say before the icy grip of death took him.

A deep tone took me as the ground began to vibrate, slightly at first then growing stronger as if something large was coming toward me. Looking across the shallow plain I saw a single pig creature standing watching me. It disappeared back over the ridge as it realized I had seen it. Not more than ten seconds later dozens of the pig creatures,
along with my knights who had been turned into, things, came trundling over the ridge toward me.

I pulled my sword out of it's sheath and readied myself for the fight of my life. As the enemies closed upon me, they spread out from the middle, closing in behind me. I was effectively surrounded. Never being one to give up, I attacked the closest pig creature, cutting it's snout in half. This enraged the creature and brought the rest of the horde into an uproar. I began slashing wildly at any creature that got close. While focused on those in front of me, trying to spin and keep them all within my sight, I neglected to see the lithe green shape of a Creeper emerge from the crowd.

The Creeper is a monster of legend, one rarely seen except for by those who venture away from the civilization of my lands. It is large, has four legs and is locked into a perpetual scream of defiance against all who defy it. Their mouths hang open as if allowing the devil himself to occupy their bodies for a time. They are also suicide killers.
What philosophy the creatures may have is all based on killing as many of us humans as possible. If it means dying themselves, then so be it.

The Creeper came up behind me. When I heard it's hiss I knew it was too late. Almost as if time had slowed I stood straight up, sword at my side. My eyes closed and I breathed what I thought would be my last breath. The blast took me, killing numerous enemies at the same time, but being effective nonetheless. I was dead.

To my astonishment, I awoke in a bed with the wizard, Void, standing over me. He smiled slightly as the confusion took me. He explained that I had been thrown from the portal into our world, ending up spraining my leg. I would be unable to fight or reenter the world for at least a week, if not more.

I told him what my valiant and noble night had told me with his final breaths. He seemed to understand what I was saying with much more clarity. The idea of multiple worlds being accessed from these portals was a very real idea to him. When I tell him about my death by the Creeper, he is perplexed. Neither of us have any idea how it could possibly
have happened but he promises he will spend time working on figuring it out.

When he leaves my chambers and I am left alone, I immediately begin to feel my face and body. It is really me, I am really alive. Somehow, some way, I had survived my own death. My challenge has been accepted. When I am rested and ready, I will again return to that land where Day is Night and Death is Life.
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