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The events and trials of King Qustom - part 5

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 9:24 am
by Ryan00793
Today marks a new beginning for these new lands, and for me. I have decided, because of the relatively low risk of death within the world, that I must build a force strong enough to explore the new lands with me. I have been feeling a dark shadow in my mind since returning from the main portal. It has been growing steadily every day since. The knights who entered the portal have now all returned after varying times with tails of glorious battle and equally gruesome deaths. However, like myself, they returned with little effect other than fatigue and a splitting headache.

Void has told me of a smaller portal, one that leads to a world much like our own. I have declared that all who wish to join this force must pass tests to prove their worthiness as warriors, explorers and most of all as survivors.

Due to the interesting experiences my knights experienced, I have decided that no equipment will be brought into the portal with us. It is my belief that all matter from our world that enters the other produces a negative effect. I was fortunate in my first attempt that my equipment was thrown in after me, allowing me to enter the other world near the portal.

The call has gone out across my lands. Any who wish to explore and test their strength are encouraged to join me and enter the portal. I have chosen a glorious tower to stand as a beacon of these "events" as I call them. It is interesting that the environment of the other world seems to have leaked into our world. The effect is simply astounding, yet
also quite beautiful.

I look forward to these events. I look forward to beginning a new adventure in new lands with those who have proven themselves to be worthy.