Exhibition Zone

Exhibition Zone

Postby Ryan00793 » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:28 pm

So Donors can now build in the exhibition zone however there is going to be some rules about it.
A) Do not grief each other ( I specifically made it so that these blocks are not under the protection of GriefProtect)
B) Do not build anything without a mod approving your build.

What shouldn't i build?
Well I don't know yet but probably not going to like pixel art and stuff like that if you want to know if it's going to be approved ask a mod.

So you want to build here?
You must pm the moderators group including pictures of the build you would like to do (preferably from multiple angles). Also include the cords of where you want to center your build.

What happens if you lose donor?
Eventually it will be removed (I have not decided on a time frame for a grace period).

What happens if you break one of the exhibition zone rules? (these are examples and any or all of them can be done at once).
A) Warrning
B) Kick
C) Ban
D) Loose Donor status. ( I don't think this will be necessary but if you piss off enough mods it might happen).

Viking made the map so it may be a little bit off
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